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Lawpilot currently offers two products on its platform:

Lawpilot Guardian

Client Emergency Response System

An innovative app that protects your clients in times of legal crisis

  • Notify: Send notifications to the client’s emergency contact list and legal counsel
  • Protect: Locate via GPS and listen to the audio recorded by app in real-time
  • Educate: Know Your Rights (KYR) Library and News & Updates via push notifications

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Lawpilot is your all-in-one case management platform created by immigration attorneys to streamline your operations and automate your entire law practice.

Take Control of Case Management with Lawpilot

No need to use multiple systems. Instead, manage your entire case management process from a single dashboard so you are in control.

  • Automate your practice, access case files and assemble packets online on a single dashboard
  • Reduce administrative tasks by upto 60%
  • Protect your clients with Lawpilot Guardian™

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Help People During Times of Crisis

“Thanks to the help of Chavez & Valko we are no longer burdened with the agony of my husband being caught and deported by immigration!"

Connie & Pito M., Houston, TX

The Lawpilot Story…

To reduce administrative tasks related to case management and help in the overall running of their law firm, Chavez & Valko sought out a technology platform that promised to help with day-to-day operations. They found not a single one that could help run their practice smoothly.

That’s when they began developing a technology platform to help manage their growing list of clients cases. Lawpilot was born out of frustration about the day-to-day needs that come with running a law practice. The partners then asked, “Why not offer this platform to other law firms?” And that’s how Lawpilot began. Read More