New App Helps Calm Deportation Fears

New App Helps Calm Deportation Fears

Dallas Attorneys Help Undocumented Immigrants by Equipping them with an Emergency Response App

Dallas, TX — A wave of fear has swept through immigrant communities across the nation as President Trump continues to announce upcoming ICE raids. Even though many undocumented immigration advocates have not seen evidence of a wide sweep, and experts question whether the president may have hindered efforts by speaking publicly, so far only 35+ arrests have been made.

The fact is, this type of announcement made by the President is unprecedented and has instilled a great deal of fear, putting the immigrant community on edge. Undocumented immigrants can’t help but feel trepidation and unease about impending doom. Except for news of neighbors forming a human chain in Ohio or providing lists of what to do in case of an ICE raid, hardly any technology-based resources exist that can aid people in times of legal crises.

Until Lawpilot Guardian.

Emergency Response Alert App

Lawpilot Guardian is an innovative mobile emergency app developed by Martin Valko and Nick Chavez, two enterprising lawyers from Dallas, Texas. “After practicing immigration law for a combined 30+ years, we thought there needed to be a way to make technology work for immigrant communities in times of crises, where people have access to an attorney, literally in their pockets,”” said Valko. “So we set out on a journey to build this app where with a single tap on their phones, our clients can notify their families, friends, and attorneys of their emergency. It includes GPS coordinates and provides recorded audio of the encounter.”

This app is a crucial tool as many times families and friends are worried about the whereabouts of their loved ones and have no way to reach them, often for hours or days. To provide peace of mind to users, law firms can purchase plans with around-the-clock monitoring that can dispatch 911 emergency services.

‘Know Your Rights’ Educates and Protects

Irrespective of the current climate in the country, our nation is a land of laws where everyone has the same constitutional rights. This app is a critical piece as we have observed a lack of awareness around peoples’ rights and duties when it comes to ICE raids and police stops.To further educate, the founders of Lawpilot Guardian added a library of resources into their app.

“It is critical we not just provide a way to protect the immigrant community, but also educate through a Know Your Rights (KYR) library,” stated Valko. “In this KYR library, we provide specific instructions on what one should do if they are pulled over or encounter a raid in their homes or workplaces.”

App Helps During A Crisis

Lawpilot Guardian is an app that protects your clients in times of legal crisis. In the event of an arrest or detention, one tap of a red button alerts friends, family and their attorney.

In addition, the Lawpilot Guardian app offers:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Real-time recording of encounter with law enforcement
  • Pre-recorded statements the user can play for law enforcement
  • Breaking news via push notifications

Instructions are available in both English and Spanish.

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