Lawpilot Puts You in Control

Lawpilot™ is your all-in-one case management platform created to streamline your operations and automate your entire law practice. Instead of spending hours on administrative tasks, your staff is free to focus on what they do best―helping your clients when they need it most.

Create a Snapshot of Each Case Status

Lawpilot™ allows you to access your client’s case files and view their current case status on a single platform.

  • Provides a bird’s-eye view of case progress for efficient case management
  • Checklist monitors client status to increase productivity in your practice
  • Reduces time spent on administrative tasks upto 60%

Streamline Client Communication

Whenever you interact with a client or a prospective client, Lawpilot™ saves all communication streams on a single dashboard.

  • Acts as your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool
  • Keeps email communication in the communication history no matter what email service you use
  • Determines readiness stage for clients and prospective clients to increase the flow and resource management efficiency

Allocate Internal Resources for Your Law Firm

Provides at-a-glance view of current and prospective clients who visit your office on any given day along with each point of contact to allocate your internal resources efficiently.

  • Allocates conference rooms and attending attorneys for each prospect
  • Informs you where potential clients are in the initial consultation phase
  • Determines readiness stage for prospects to increase client acquisition

Calculate Accurate Quotes & Contracts

Provides professional quotes and contracts at a touch-of-a-button by automating the entire process and allowing clients to hire you online based on the email quote. Reduces your administrative time by upto 90%.

  • Improves accuracy and lets clients know the exact costs up front
  • Automatically calculates extended payment plans
  • Adjusts fees for additional services

Schedule Appointments & Consultations

Online appointment calendar improves scheduling and reduces missed appointments, ensuring your law practice is running efficiently and professionally.

  • User interface (UX) is customized specifically for law practices
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to train staff
  • Color coding improves functionality and usability

Speak Your Client’s Language

Never be at a loss for words. Our translation feature currently accommodates Spanish and English with templates which can be preset in most major languages.

  • Provides language-specific communications to improve the customer experience
  • Breaks through linguistic communication barriers
  • Enhances the lawyer/client relationship