How Lawpilot Began

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Despite a myriad of immigration case management platforms on the market, finding the right platform is a challenge. After practicing immigration law for over two decades, Lawpilot founders, Martin Valko and Nick Chavez, realized the one-size-fits-all approach to case management just wasn’t meeting their needs. As their law firm grew from 4 to 50 employees with more than a dozen attorneys, the practice needed a scalable, user-friendly software platform.

They wanted to keep up with scaling their caseload several-fold without jeopardizing the quality of legal work and client care. That’s why they began developing their own platform ― to help manage their growing list of cases. With Lawpilot, the founders envisioned a single platform to meet all the needs of their law practice.

Today, Lawpilot provides attorneys with a complete law practice case management platform that combines automation and built-in processes to efficiently manage operations for immigration law practitioners. The goal is to allow them to effectively scale their practice while decreasing overhead. The Lawpilot Guardian app is designed to send emergency alerts to the user’s contact list and attorney in the event of detainment by local law enforcement or Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Martin Valko

Co-Founder & CEO

Over the past 16 years, Martin has represented families, individuals and companies navigate the US immigration maze. An immigrant from Slovakia, he has a keen understanding of the complexity of the US immigration system. Martin’s practice primarily focuses on business immigration and investors

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Nicolas Chavez

Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

Nick Chavez, an expert in immigration and naturalization law, specializes in helping individuals obtain lawful status or citizenship in the US. A native of El Paso, Texas, Nick grew up surrounded by immigration and both of his parents immigrated to the US from Chihuahua, Mexico.

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