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Emergency Alerts Send alerts to your family and friends

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Protect your clients in times of legal crisis

If you’ve ever had an immigrant client sit in your office and say, “I’ll pay you anything. Just tell me you’ll be there when I need you,” now you can meet them right where they are. Help your clients who might be stopped by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or local law enforcement prepare for the encounter, and facilitate a simple path through the legal process faster than ever. Law GuardianTM was created to meet your clients’ pleas—wherever they are—so you can prepare them, protect them, and find them in desperate circumstances. All at the tap of a button.

With LawPilot GuardianTM, your clients are:


Your clients have the opportunity to learn from a library of information geared toward them so they know their rights before they are ever detained by ICE or local law enforcement.


Give your clients and their families hope for a quick and streamlined legal process after a detention or arrest. With LawPilot GuardianTM, your clients can be ready for the legal process immediately because you, as their legal counsel, are brought into the loop via livestream the moment their alert button is activated.


Keep your clients up to date on relevant, local news such as recent raids in their area.

How It Works

  • As soon as your client activates their emergency button, their emergency contact list and their legal counsel are notified.

  • The client's attorney and contacts will immediately receive the GPS location of the arrest and be able to hear the interactions between the client and the law enforcement officer.

  • Because time is of the essence in an arrest, as the attorney, you will have the opportunity to quickly put pre-planned processes in motion and proceed to the next steps of representation.

  • This eliminates time wasted on behalf of the client’s family and friends and gives you more immediate control of the situation.


Constant client communication at your fingertips.

Help your clients understand that detention by ICE or law enforcement isn’t the end of their battle to stay with their families and call America home. Many immigrants believe that if they are caught and detained by ICE or law enforcement that they’ll immediately be sent back to their native country. Help them understand that there is a process and that they have rights available to them the moment they are arrested.

With LawPilot GuardianTM, your clients can take advantage of our in-depth library of information and learn their rights before an arrest is ever a reality. When the unthinkable happens, they can be prepared with their rights in one hand and LawPilot Guardian’s emergency alert in the other. In case your client does not speak English, or simply does not feel comfortable talking to law enforcement, there is a set of pre-recorded responses in English available to help them navigate the arrest.

After an arrest, it’s often up to the family of a detainee to scramble to find out if they have legal representation or find legal counsel if they don’t. This can waste precious time and leave the person arrested with little to no direction on what their rights are and what they should or should not sign.

With LawPilot GuardianTM, that time gap is effectively closed—representation begins with the tap of the emergency alert button. At the same moment, family and legal counsel are brought into the loop of the arrest and all information is available to those on the emergency contact list.

Keep your clients up to date with relevant information about their area such as raids and other news relevant to immigration. Nothing helps prepare someone for a potentially difficult situation like knowing what is happening around him or her on a local and national level.

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